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Daniel J. Kealey
Daniel J. Kealey Cross-Cultural Effectiveness - A Study of Canadian Technical Advisors Overseas. Centre for Intercultural Learning, Edmonton, Canada, 2001 ISBN 0-660-61536-3

Does previous overseas experience guarantee success? Is culture shock something to be avoided? Can you select for intercultural effectiveness? Can you train for intercultural skills? A seminal work in the intercultural field, Cross-Cultural Effectiveness' findings challenge commonly held beliefs about what it takes to be effective in living and working in a new culture. The study defines the interpersonal skills and pre-departure attitudes which are predictive of overseas success and links these to the practical issues of selection and training. Cross-Cultural Effectiveness, first published in 1990 and updated and revised for this 2001 edition, is a must read for anyone involved in the international and intercultural fields.

Cox, T., Beale, R, Developing Competency to Manage Diversity Berrett-Koehler Publisher, San Francisco, CA, 1997 ISBN: 1881052966
Cox, T., Beale, R, Developing Competency to Manage Diversity Berrett-Koehler Publisher, San Francisco, CA, 1997 ISBN: 1881052966

This text shows how the dynamics of diversity affect people at all levels of society and in all kinds of organi-zations. It aims to provide managers with tools for suc-cessfully managing a diverse workforce. The text's learning process includes readings, case-studies and activities.

Cox, T.
Cox, T. Cultural Diversity in Organizations: Theory, Research & Practice Berrett-Koehler Publisher, San Francisco, CA, 1993 ISBN: 1881052192

Assembling learnings from teaching, research and con-sulting related to cultural diversity in organizations, this text provides an aid for teaching, organization development and scholarship. It presents an understanding of cultural diversity and its effects on organizational behaviour.

Chempers, M., Oskamp, S., Costanzo M. (eds.)
Chempers, M., Oskamp, S., Costanzo M. (eds.) Diversity in Organizations Sage, Thousand Oaks, CA, 1995


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Behtoui, A., Unequal Opportunities – the Impact of Social Capital and Recruitment Methods on Immigrants and their Children in the Swedish Labour Market. Linköping Studies in Arts and Science no. 369 Department of Social and Welfare Studies, Linköping 2006


Barinaga, E.,
Barinaga, E., Levelling Vagueness - a study of cultural diversity in an international project group. Stockholm School of Economics, Stockholm, 2002.

Abundance characterises international projects in particular and human collaboration in general; that is, the immense variety of practices, behaviours and incidents that inundate life and are difficult to foresee when defining a goal, designing a plan or organising a cooperation. This leads to vagueness, because to include such a variety, the words used to describe the international project and the models/plans used to structure it must remain open and flexible. Based on an ethnography of a joint international research project, this dissertation illuminates how, with the help of linguistic resources, the group deals with vagueness, copes with abundance and organises an international collaboration. Within this framework, cultural differences and cultural stereotypes cease being a source of misunderstanding and conflict. Instead, they become linguistic resources to cope with vagueness and abundance. Constructive interaction and successful cooperation lie in a delicate equilibrium: Levelling Vagueness.

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10 to the 1st power: Leadership Strategies for Sustainable Diversity, 2010.

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10 to the 2nd power: 10 Financial Arguments for Sustainable Diversity, 2011.

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Anderzèn, I. The Internationalization of Work - Psychophysiological Predictors of Adjustment to Foreign Assignment Avhandling, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, 1998. ISBN 91-628-3283-2